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of Interactive Storytelling

Creative Director Daniel Burwen

The Four Elements of Interactive Narrative


It all starts with a script. Good story is the core of your experience, the foundation upon which the other elements are built.

User Experience

Thoughtful UX ensures your audience is spending their time engrossed in an emotional experience, not stuck trying to decipher interface.


From film to comics to 3D, strong cohesive aesthetics are critical to achieving the right emotional response from your audience.


Creating great software requires great tools and technology. Picking the right tech will ensure you can tell your stories in the best way possible.

Our Services

We can do wonders for your interactive projects. Here's how.

Creative Consultation

If you are looking to learn the process for crafting the next generation of comic books, Cognito can help. From script adaptation and artwork production to tools, pipeline, animation, sound design, and user experience, weʼve done it all and are happy to teach others.

Team Building

Crafting interactive comics takes a new range of skill outside that of writer and illustrator. We can not only help recruit the core team members, but can also get you set up with layering, animation, sound design, user experience, and technology resources.


Looking for someone to build these for you? We can do that. Cognito has spent many years streamlining the process for building interactive comics efficiently while maintaining the highest standards of aesthetics and design. Your story is in good hands with us.

Creative Direction

Already got a team ready to go? We are happy to lend a leading hand to make sure they produce great looking work of the highest possible quality.


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